Cozy Weekend Reads

Two summer releases you’ll want to cozy up on the couch with on a Sunday afternoon…coffee mug in hand of course!

*Thank you NetGalley for my complimentary copies of ‘The Bookshop of The Broken Hearted’ and ‘Love At The Shore’ in exchange for my honest reviews.*

The Bookshop of The Broken Hearted’ by Robert Hillman

Pub Date: July 11, 2019


An unlikely combination would be the first description that comes to mind when you encounter Tom Hope and Hannah Babel. Tom, a young and forlorn Australian farmer who has walked away from all thoughts of love, becomes acquainted with a quirky Hungarian woman whose hair is starting to gray, The moment he steps into her bookshop, the first shop to sell books in the small town of Hometown, there’s a shift in the air and a sense that his fate is about to be forever changed. 

     What Tom mistakes as quirkiness in Hannah is actually a shattered heart and a soul struggling to be resilient in the face of all that she’s endured. A survivor of Auschwitz, Hannah recollects on a daily basis all that she was forced to leave behind when she made her journey to Australia from a Europe she no longer recognized. Hillman masterfully crafts a tale of lost love, the pursuit of redemption, and the magic of human connection. All the while, Hannah’s bookshop serves as the glue that holds the fabric of all their lives together. 

     A must read for those who loved ‘The Nightingale’ and ‘The Library of Lost Things’. This is an innovative story that pushes the reader to contemplate human nature- both the harm that humans are capable of inflicting on one another as well as the hope they are equally capable of instilling. 

Love At The Shore by Teri Wilson

Pub Date: June 11, 2019


Anyone who adores the Hallmark Channel will dive happily right into this book. A delightful summer romance, ‘Love At The Shore’ by Teri Wilson tells the story of a single mom with two kids and a writing career to establish. Having written one bestseller, Jenna is concerned that she’ll turn into a one hit wonder if she doesn’t find a quiet place to write her second novel. What better place to go to write than the shore? Leaving Savannah in her rear view mirror, Jenna and her kids rent half of a house on Tybee Island for the summer- where Jenna is confident she will get quality writing time in while her two kids splash and play at the summer camp nearby. 

     Lucas was never part of the bargain, and Jenna quickly discovers that her handsome neighbor is a troublesome distraction. Seemingly carefree, Lucas spends his days playing with his dog, surfing, strumming his guitar, and smacking around a volleyball. While Jenna supposes it’s nice to have the luxury to relax, she is on a deadline and he makes far too much noise. Additionally, why does he keep insisting on befriending her and her kids? From Lucas’s perspective, Jenna is the woman next door who won’t go away. He doesn’t want to like her but she and her children are just so charming!

      Don’t expect the same type of wit and eloquence that you might find in a work of literary fiction. This romantic heart warmer sets out to charm you on a cozy Sunday afternoon and it does precisely that. After you read the book, you can also enjoy the movie which comes out the weekend before this books June 11th release date. 

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