Katherine Reay Presents Us With The Perfect Read For Book Lovers

Perfect Read That Inspires You To Read More and Explore What Makes You….You

Thank you to NetGalley for my complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

      There are some books that grab you right from the opening line, and there are others you have to ease into. Similar to the way a cup of coffee takes awhile to actually caffeinate you, ‘The Printed Letter Bookshop’ gently pulls you in. Around the sixth chapter, something simply clicks and you find yourself dedicated to finishing this literary tale about the eloquence of words and the impact books can have on you. 

     Madeline Cullen has eschewed one course of life for the high paced beat of the legal world. But when her aunt unexpectedly passes away, Madeline is thrust back into the charming memories of her childhood as she inherits her aunt’s home and bookshop. Before life became complicated, Madeline had taken immense pleasure from the messages within books- particularly ones her aunt recommended. Coming back to a town she hasn’t spent much time in since she was a young girl, Madeline is a bit rougher around the edges and a little bit lost. She was supposed to be making partner at a top law firm, NOT running a bookshop that appears to be sinking into the ground financially. 

     Sometimes our journey of self discovery occurs in the most unusual of ways. Madeline is left a list of book recommendations from her deceased aunt and she’s also left with two of her aunt’s closest friends. Janet, beaten down by children who have abandoned her due to a decision she felt she had to make. And Claire- a mom of two who loves her job at the bookshop but wishes she felt a little less disconnected at home. All three of these women have been left with different lists of books to devour, and fairly rapidly they discover a theme to their book lists…leading them to believe that Madeline’s aunt and their dearest friend possibly knew them far better than they ever knew themselves. 

      Katherine Reay delivers a quaint masterpiece about the ability a book can have on a person’s soul. Known for her romantic novels modeled off the land of Jane Austen, ‘The Printed Letter Bookshop’ is the perfect fit for anyone who enjoys books, Austen, or simply a reminder that sometimes all you need is a little push in the right direction to find your way in the dark

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