Honeymoon For One….Anyone?

Deliciously humorous at times while incredibly intimate at others, ‘The Honeymooner’ is one to add to your beach read pile this summer.

**Thank you to NetGalley for my complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviews. **

Thank you to NetGalley and Xpresso Book Tours for my complimentary copy of ‘The Honeymooner’ in exchange for my honest review. 

     There’s something delightfully lighthearted about ‘The Honeymooner’ by Melanie Summers and I highly recommend you tuck this into your beach bag for a weekend beach read. If you go into the novel channeling Sophia Kinsella, then you will not be disappointed. ‘The Honeymooner’ catches the eye of the reader as it tells the age old tale of scorned lover learning how to love again while hitting several speed bumps along the way. There’s also the enjoyable addition of two ‘enemies’ falling for one another against their better judgments. 

     Libby thought she had it all, but on her wedding day she is jilted by the seemingly perfect guy whom she was going to have the perfect life with. Deciding, in that moment of ire, to do something entirely unconventional in the name of salvaging her dignity, Libby chooses to still go on the honeymoon she’d planned for them. Besides, known to mix business with pleasure, Libby had already made plans to seal an essential deal while honeymooning. Arriving at the island beach resort without her plus one, Libby sets out to land the business deal that will guarantee her a promotion. She’s not going to even think about the man who jilted her…Libby has determined she has no time for love. No time at all…..

      But Harrison surprises Libby and the two, despite both of their better judgements, find themselves inexplicably drawn to one other. She’s fighting to remind herself that the whole purpose of this honeymoon for one is to secure a major business deal, while Harrison is struggling to remember that he’s a business owner who values tradition over selling out to big corporations. Deliciously endearing, ‘The Honeymooner’ is the perfect compliment to ‘The Unhoneymooners’ by Christina Lauren. Summers does a lovely job making the reader invest in the stories, causing them to laugh out loud at times and grown in frustration at others. 

     I would recommend this novel for a summer vacation, weekend getaway, or early night in. ‘The Honeymooner’ by Melanie Summers is the perfect book for a balmy summer night. 


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