The Dutch House

Storytelling at its finest- a true masterpiece you will not be able to walk away from.

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins for this complimentary copy of ‘The Dutch House’ in exchange for my honest review. 

Pub Date: September 24, 2019 

      Anne Patchett delivers another powerful novel, full of rich characters and strong underlying messages about what it means to navigate through life in this chaotic world we are living in. Touching on how impactful buildings and things can be to our everyday existence, Danny and Maeve have developed an unbreakable (and somewhat unhealthy) relationship with their childhood home. ‘The Dutch House’ has become a landmark in both of their minds, serving to represent both their happiest and most tragic memories. A symbol of all that they have lost, this house that has been stripped from their inheritance ends up being one of the driving forces keeping them glued together. 

     At its core, ‘The Dutch House’ is also a beautiful tribute to siblings who manage to stand together through the thick and the thin. Despite, or perhaps in spite of, the age gap between Maeve and Danny, they have come to rely on one another for both emotional support and moral boosting. Smart, capable Maeve is continuously underestimated in a world still very much inclined to favor the man. Meanwhile, Danny’s emotional growth became a bit stunted at the loss of their father when he was still at a malleable age. The future path that had been carved out for him (inheriting the family business in addition to the Dutch house) is suddenly removed from beneath his feet by the woman their father married after their mother disappeared. Both siblings must face moving through life in the aftermath of the unexpected cards fate has dealt them. 

      Beautifully written, Patchett has proven once again that she is a masterful storyteller. Anyone who enjoyed ‘Commonwealth’ will eat this book up. Characters that tug at your heart, a plot that makes you ponder what truly matters in life, and the power each chapter has of resurrecting nostalgia within the reader of what they once loved. ‘The Dutch House’ is a must read- pre-order this now and curl up in the fall with a strong cup of tea or coffee becasue you’ll be in for a long, delightful read. 

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