An Uneventful Read

This has been a flourishing mental week for me but, conversely, a rather frustrating reading week. I am well aware that the mindset you’re in as a reader does greatly impact your takeaway on the books you’re reading for pleasure. So, when I had my first slip up with a novel, I was ready to chalk it up to the fact that I was simply mentally drained. Attending a workshop on how to be the best teacher I can be does take a significant amount of brain power. But when the second and third book I pleasure read fell short also? Well, that’s when I slipped into the mode of the frustrated reader. 

    In May, I read one delectable book after another and I began my June reading on the same playing field in terms of stellar reads. I suppose, however, it’s not realistic for such a streak to persist. Even so, I wasn’t expecting to be so sorely disappointed in books that were intended to give me mental breathers from the educational workshop I was attending during the day. 

     Having made the move to the South, Dorothea Benton Frank’s novels took on a whole other meaning for me. I truly began to appreciate the northern meets southern dimension that existed in all of her novels. A combination of true wit, immense heart, and characters that are overflowing with vibrancy are what I’ve come to expect. The Queen Bee didn’t contain any of that, and I’m still kind of reeling from my disappointing reading experience. When characters fail to pop off the page, the plot feels chaotic, and the wit slippery? It’s not a recipe for a good reading experience! Some of my fellow bookworms indicated that they felt The Queen Bee had remnants of her earliest works, but I failed to see that….perhaps I need to take a refresher course on Frank’s earlier volumes? 

    As I head into the weekend and a potentially enjoyable week of reading ahead, I’m hoping that the new Beatriz Williams book and the Mia Hayes novel I received will prove to be more enthralling to this frustrated reader.

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