My Ex- Best Friend’s Wedding by Wendy Wax Delights This Writing Reader

I’ve been silent on here for awhile, but in my defense a lot has been going on in my personal life and there just hasn’t been a spare moment. Things should begin to even out now and I vow to post more regularly…..three posts a week seems quite achievable. 

     One of the reasons why I put my old blog on hiatus is because, in addition to being a voracious reader, I am also an aspiring author. Working on my writing projects takes time and something else always has to give. About two months ago, I completed a novel of my very own that I’m now in the midst of trying to push out into the world. Meanwhile, I’ve already started a second novel because a writer always has to have something else up her sleeve. 

     Lately, and I don’t know if this is the universe attempting to tell me something, I’ve been reading a lot of novels that center around writers. The last six novels in a row, and the one I’m currently reading, feature main characters who write for a living….or, at least, try to. Currently, I’m three quarters of the way through the latest Wendy Wax novel. ‘My Ex- Best Friend’s Wedding’ reminds me of why I fell in love with Wax to begin with- her clear cut wit, evident eloquence, and vivid narrations of multiple characters. Wax also has a penchant for writing about writers in a refreshing way that has me laughing out loud in bed and making connections to my own writing journey. It also has me reflecting a lot on the nature of friendships. 

     Lauren and Bree used to be two peas in a pod, growing up in the Outer Banks together with similar goals and identical dreams. But only one of them goes on to become a celebrated and published author, while the other remains in the town where they grew up and runs a bookstore while trying to keep her marriage from falling to pieces. Both former friends hold grudges agains the other for decisions made that they view as slights. Lauren cannot forgive Bree for seemingly giving up on their childhood dream without so much as a ‘by your leave’, while Bree believes that Lauren stole material from her and kicked their friendship to the curve the moment she became a bestselling author. They haven’t seen one another since Lauren very grudgingly agreed to keep a promise made as children to serve as Bree’s maid of honor. 

     Now, Lauren’s own imminent nuptials bring her back to the Outer Banks and back to Bree where their former friendship will perhaps find a way to seep back into their lives on the waves of some very unexpected and life altering announcements. Wax takes her readers on a journey through the loving chaos of family dynamics, the travails of writers (Bree has been working on a novel of her own for about fifteen years now while Lauren hasn’t the slightest idea how to churn out another bestseller), and the magic of enduring bonds. 

      Check out my instagram account today for a different type of review on this book, emphasizing the feelings that were drawn out of me in relation to friendships as I was reading ‘My Ex Best Friend’s Wedding

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