No Longer Waiting

Modern Mr. Darcy and Tom Hanks no longer seems unobtainable

Reader, is there anything more splendid than being with the one you love? Somebody who allows you to be yourself in all of the ways that matter and who only ever increases your inner shine. I never thought I would ever actually be able to describe my life partner in these terms- until a little over a year ago, I thought I would have to simply savor all the fictional male characters who managed to fall under the umbrella of Mr. Delovely. 

     Summer brings a wave of beach type reads for me, which means I tend to have colorful stacks and delightful ebook collections of the rom-com meets chick lit meets women’s fiction variety. With each page I turn (or tap, as the case may be), I am wrapped up in female characters desperately seeking the modern Mr. Darcy. Each heroine believes the right fit is out there somewhere, despite the fact that reality has attempted to prove time and time again that this is highly unlikely. The reader valiantly watches the character try to balance the inner goddess who wants to be successful and independent with the inner Queen who needs a King to make her feel love and balanced. 

     Waiting For Tom Hanks was an adorable read, featuring a female character with some big expectations of true love. Having always been enamored with the romantic comedy classics starring the likes of Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, and- yep- Tom Hanks, Annie is waiting for that larger than life romantic comedy moment where she’ll stare dreamily into her Tom Hanks’ eyes and know that she’s found the perfect one. The only trouble with that is that she is so wrapped up in creating the perfect love scene, that she fails to live in the moment. Equally problematic, Annie’s unique outlook on how life should pan out is perhaps keeping her from dreaming outside of the box and really going for her writing passions. When Drew Danforth, the celebrity every woman in the country loves to swoon over, takes part in a film produced in the Ohio town Annie resides in, she has some grand visions of turning someone on that movie set into her very own Tom Hanks. A quick beach read, Waiting For Tom Hanks is for the reader who enjoys small town settings, coffee, cozy love stories, and the occasional humorous remark. 

     According to Annie, I’ve definitely found my Tom Hanks. Although, being a die hard Jane Austen fan, I’d prefer to say that I’ve found my Mr.Darcy. This week and into next, we are spending some much needed together time at the beach. It’s hard to believe that I’ve managed to find somebody who believes in my writing, admires my reading habits, and knows the best ways to help me unwind. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband and, I’ve discovered, these good vibe beach reads are made all the sweeter with the knowledge that my search for Mr.Delovely is officially over. If you need me, I’ll be at the beach with my modern Mr. D. 

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